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True Care’s nursing staff is made up of well trained, multicultural, and multilingual professionals who truly care about their clients.


Nursing for Wound Care

A wound that is properly treated heals significantly faster and with fewer complications. That’s why True Care staffs specially trained Wound Care Nurses. The quicker you heal, the happier we are.

While some wounds heal naturally over time, some require treatment and routine care. Wound care is a clinical specialty focused on treating wounds that are not healing or other wounds that require complex care. In a home care setting, home health wound care can treat all types of wounds including acute, surgical, chronic, and complex wounds in the comfort of home, for clients who meet home health eligibility criteria.

Usually, wounds that are treated in home health care are chronic wounds. Some chronic wounds include wounds that can reopen like surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, injuries to the feet or legs of people that have poor circulation, or diabetic ulcers. Often, chronic wounds are associated with poor blood circulation to areas of the skin.

Healing from a wound can be stressful, True Care’s nursing team eases the stress by helping you create a truly healing environment.

Your Wound Care Nurse can assist with :

Assessment of wound(s)

Collaboration with prescribing physician to determine the best treatment

Wound irrigation, dressing, and bandaging

Family or caregiver wound care training

Supply ordering


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    Client Testimonials

    “Front desk is really helpful and they take their time to listen to your problem, they have empathy for the aides. I love to work with the agency”

    Lola A.

    “My experience is great with them. They take care of me and are very attentive to my needs.”

    Viola A

    “I am very satisfied with true care. My home attendant is very helpful and patient. She has basically become like family.”

    Katherine A

    “I love this home care. My grandma has been with this agency for the past 7 years and she never had a problem/ bad experience. They always prompt on substitutes if needed or any updates that are happening at the agency. I myself called them a couple of times to clear out a few questions for my grandma and the front desk ladies were so friendly and helpful! Very satisfied!”

    V. S.

    True Care really does care about their clients. It’s taken a little while to get to the aid that I currently have but she’s irreplaceable and hard working. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to is professional and kind. I’m very thankful that we found this agency because there are a lot of Home Care agencies out there but very few that really care, consider their clients and ultimately want what’s best for them.

    Julia D

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are nursing services covered by my insurance?

    Yes, an initial nursing assessment and visits at least twice a year are covered by insurance. This also includes a post hospitalization visit if applicable.

    Can I request additional nursing visits?

    Yes, additional nursing visits are available for a small out of pocket fee.

    What type of nursing visits are available?

    Medication management-the nurse can organize your pills in a weekly or monthly box and order refills as needed.

    Medication administration-the nurse can administer medications including oral, injected or any other type of medication needed.

    General Assessment-the nurse can visit at the frequency of your choice to assess your general health and collaborate with your medical/care team to determine the success of your current treatments and medications, identify concerns or issues and keep you safe and healthy between your medical appointments.

    Wound care-Our special team of nurses are supervised by a wound care certified specialist to assist with acute and chronic wound treatment, education, supplies and recommendations. Common wounds include bed sores (pressure ulcers and injuries), diabetic wounds, venous and arterial ulcers (due to poor circulation in the legs), surgical wounds, cesarean section wounds and skin tears.

    What can the nurse do during the visit?

    • Vital signs assessment
    • General health assessment
    • Nutritional Assessment
    • Environmental Assessment
    • General Psychological Eval
    • Wound Care
    • Medication Administration
    • Medication Management

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