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    True Care
    Nurse Services

    Curious about what our Nurses can do? Read on to learn more about what we do and how we care. 

    When the care you or your loved one needs extends beyond the scope of a Caregiver, True Care can assist with a wide range of nursing services. Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses can provide a variety of complex medical services, all from the comfort of your home. True Care’s Nurses provide highly individualized care for clients of all ages.


    What are Nurse Services?

    Our Nurses come to your home so you can remain where you are most at-ease while receiving the quality care you need. Our highly qualified Nurses are licensed to assess and care for clients with more intensive medical needs, providing a broad spectrum of services.


    Care Away From Home

    We know that independence and autonomy are important to our clients. While receiving in-home nursing services, you’ll likely still have plans you’d like to keep or make. Your True Care Nurse can provide clinical care when you’re on the move. Whether you require assistance in getting around, have appointments you need to attend, need an advocate at your side and/or someone to take notes and ask questions; your Nurse is there to assist you. Our Nurses work to ensure your health and safety so you can continue to do the things you want and need to, and maximize your time with your healthcare team.


    True Care's Nurses Specialize In:

    Hospital-to-home escort Hospital-To-Home Escort

    Nursing-Wound-Care Wound Care

    Medical-appointment-escort Care Management

    Infusion-Therapies Infusion Therapies

    Medication-Management Medication Administration

    prv-medication Medication Management

    Speciality-Memory Speciality Dementia and Memory Loss Care

    Nurses That Care

    n-hourly Care By The Hour or By The Visit

    n-mutual Clinical Excellence From Seasoned Healthcare Professionals

    Multicultural Multilingual and Multicultural Nurses Speak Your Language and Know Your Customs

    Clinical Care

    True Care knows that home care often extends beyond the scope of your Home Health Aide. That’s why our services include care options to support the client and their family.

    Medical Care

    24/7 Nurses On Call

    Health Monitoring

    Individualized Care Plan Development

    Medication Review

    Nurse Assessment

    Nurse Medical Escort

    Primary Care Physician Follow Up and Collaboration

    Specialized Skills and Ability Assessment

    Tele-Visit and In Person RN

    Wound Care

    Supportive Care

    Care Team Collaboration

    Community Resource

    End of Life Support

    Family Discharge Planning

    Family Training and Support

    Financial and Insurance Support

    Referral Support

    Training and Support for Caregivers

    Veteran and Family Support

    Nursing Oversight For
    Home Health Aides

    True Care’s Caregivers are certified home care professionals. All client’s plans of care are overseen and evaluated by the True Care Nursing staff to ensure that the care you receive addresses the full spectrum of your needs. Nursing oversight is a cornerstone of True Care’s process, and ensures that each of our clients access the safest, most medically sound care for them.

    True Care is committed to ensuring continuity of care. We want our clients to be pleased with their Caregiver’s level of service and professionalism, and we want our Caregivers to have the chance to develop meaningful relationships with their clients.

    If you’re interested in benefiting from Nurse Services in addition to your approved Caregiver (HHA) hours, you have the option to pay out of pocket for additional care. If you don’t have a Caregiver but want or need nursing services delivered to your home, we can make that happen, too. Visit our Private Client page to learn more about the speciality services that you unlock as a True Care Private Client.


    Looking forNurse services?

    Your Nurse Can Assist With The Following:


    prv-initial Initial Intake Assessment

    prv-medical Medical and Surgical History Review

    prv-medication Medication Management and Administration

    prv-nutritionl Nutritional Assessment

    prv-inviormantal Environmental Assessment and Recommendations

    prv-post Post Fall Health Assessment

    prv-painassesment Pain Assessment

    prv-ongoing Ongoing Health Assessment

    prv-skin Skin Assessment

    prv-vital Vital Sign Assessment

    Nursing-Wound-Care Wound Care

    co-Family-training Client or Family Teaching For At-Home Therapies Including Wound Care and Infusion

    Ongoing-training Training and Education About New Diagnoses, Treatments, or Medications

    Home-Health-Aids Identifying Outside Resources To Address The Needs Of The Client and Client’s Family

    Book Your Free Consultation

    Please fill out the following form to request a free consultation with our team. We look forward to discussing your needs and finding the best combination of services for you.


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      What is your relationship to the patient?

      Client Testimonials

      “Front desk is really helpful and they take their time to listen to your problem, they have empathy for the aides. I love to work with the agency”

      Lola A.

      “My experience is great with them. They take care of me and are very attentive to my needs.”

      Viola A

      “I am very satisfied with true care. My home attendant is very helpful and patient. She has basically become like family.”

      Katherine A

      “I love this home care. My grandma has been with this agency for the past 7 years and she never had a problem/ bad experience. They always prompt on substitutes if needed or any updates that are happening at the agency. I myself called them a couple of times to clear out a few questions for my grandma and the front desk ladies were so friendly and helpful! Very satisfied!”

      V. S.

      True Care really does care about their clients. It’s taken a little while to get to the aid that I currently have but she’s irreplaceable and hard working. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to is professional and kind. I’m very thankful that we found this agency because there are a lot of Home Care agencies out there but very few that really care, consider their clients and ultimately want what’s best for them.

      Julia D

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Are nursing services covered by my insurance?

      Yes, an initial nursing assessment and visits at least twice a year are covered by insurance. This also includes a post hospitalization visit if applicable.

      Can I request additional nursing visits?

      Yes, additional nursing visits are available for a small out of pocket fee.

      What type of nursing visits are available?

      Medication management-the nurse can organize your pills in a weekly or monthly box and order refills as needed.

      Medication administration-the nurse can administer medications including oral, injected or any other type of medication needed.

      General Assessment-the nurse can visit at the frequency of your choice to assess your general health and collaborate with your medical/care team to determine the success of your current treatments and medications, identify concerns or issues and keep you safe and healthy between your medical appointments.

      Wound care-Our special team of nurses are supervised by a wound care certified specialist to assist with acute and chronic wound treatment, education, supplies and recommendations. Common wounds include bed sores (pressure ulcers and injuries), diabetic wounds, venous and arterial ulcers (due to poor circulation in the legs), surgical wounds, cesarean section wounds and skin tears.

      What can the nurse do during the visit?

      • Vital signs assessment
      • General health assessment
      • Nutritional Assessment
      • Environmental Assessment
      • General Psychological Eval
      • Wound Care
      • Medication Administration
      • Medication Management

      Ready To Start Receiving Nursing Care From True Care?