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TBI/ NHTD Waiver

This life-changing waiver can help bring or keep your loved one home from the nursing home or hospital.


Loving someone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury can be challenging and emotionally complex. Similarly, when your loved one’s age and health raise the question of whether or not they’d be better suited in a nursing home, making decisions on their behalf can be heart wrenching.

Through our partnership with New York State, True Care is proud to participate in the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)/Nursing Home Transition and Diversion (NHTD) Waiver program. Our goal is to help people remain in their homes and with their families as long as possible.

Let True Care’s skilled team assist you in your loved one’s care journey. We can help make your family’s life easier and allow you to focus on spending time with your loved one.


About the TBI/NHTD Waiver Program

The TBI and NHTD Medicaid waiver programs were developed based on the philosophy that individuals with brain injuries, and/or older adults, can remain at-home where they prefer to be, or successfully transition out of a nursing home or long-term care facility back to their home communities.

Clients, families, and loved ones work in cooperation with True Care to develop a plan of services that promotes personal independence, greater community inclusion, self–reliance, and participation in meaningful activities and services. 

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The TBI/NHTD Waiver Program Solution

The TBI/NHTD Waiver Program offers a solution for individuals with complex care needs who would otherwise require long-term care in a skilled nursing facility. The program provides full-time in-home care for people who are eligible for New York State’s Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Waiver or a Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver.

This Medicaid-approved program can be applied for directly through Medicaid without going through a Managed Long-Term Care company, and typically has zero out-of-pocket costs or any time restrictions.

True Care’s certified Caregivers/Home Health Aides receive additional specialized training to provide around-the-clock care, with shifts typically divided into two 12-hour periods, attending to your loved one’s needs day and night. Our highly-skilled clinical team ensures your loved one is kept safe at home and provides the necessary support systems to assist with personal care needs, improving their quality of life.

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    Client Testimonials

    “Front desk is really helpful and they take their time to listen to your problem, they have empathy for the aides. I love to work with the agency”

    Lola A.

    “My experience is great with them. They take care of me and are very attentive to my needs.”

    Viola A

    “I am very satisfied with true care. My home attendant is very helpful and patient. She has basically become like family.”

    Katherine A

    “I love this home care. My grandma has been with this agency for the past 7 years and she never had a problem/ bad experience. They always prompt on substitutes if needed or any updates that are happening at the agency. ”

    V. S.

    True Care really does care about their clients. It’s taken a little while to get to the aid that I currently have but she’s irreplaceable and hard working. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to is professional and kind. I’m very thankful that we found this agency because there are a lot of Home Care agencies out there but very few that really care, consider their clients and ultimately want what’s best for them.

    Julia D

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does TBI/NHTD Waiver mean?

    TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury NHTD-Nursing Home Transition and Diversion These are Medicaid-sponsored programs that offer people living with TBI a chance to get the home health aide hours they need to be successful and supported in their community. NHTD would apply to anyone who is in danger of being permanently institutionalized in a long term facility, because they need more home health aide hours than their current Medicaid program has authorized or granted.

    Does my insurance cover TBI/NHTD Waiver programs?

    This program is covered by Medicaid.

    Why should I change to the Waiver program if I’m already getting home health aide services through my current Medicaid provider?

    Medicaid Long Term Care (MLTC) may not be able to provide the number of hours that is needed or required to keep the patient safe in their home. MLTC services often leave gaps where families and friends have to assist, or the patient is alone. Also, home health aides who are providing care to patients in the waiver program are required to undergo additional training that is specialized for the needs of TBI and NHTD patients.” into its own question section

    Who is eligible for the waiver programs?

    Anyone who is Medicaid Eligible

    Ages 18-64 with a documented physical disability OR over the age of 65

    Must have a place to live with adequate and appropriate living arrangements.

    Anyone who is not safe to be left alone or needs supervision/assistance 24 hours/day

    Can’t be living in a facility, such as an Assisted Living Facility

    How long is the process to be admitted to a waiver program?

    Approximately 3 months

    What is the process to get approved for a waiver program?

    True Care’s waiver program team will hold your hand and guide you through the process step by step. There is a required interview and paperwork to sign to determine preliminary eligibility. Another part of the process is a comprehensive nursing assessment.

    Does the Waiver program offer other services besides home health aide care?

    The Waiver program offers many services, one of which is home health aide services. True Care will work with you to arrange your home health aide services and assist you with accessing the other services that are available for waiver program participants. Some of the additional services available for waiver program participants are meal delivery, home modifications for safety, medical home visits, nutritional counseling, behavioral support, transportation and more.

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