Happy New Year, True Caregivers!

December 31, 2019

Another year has come and gone and we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for. At the top of our list are our caregivers. In 2019 we honored twelve (12) caregivers with the True Star Award, which recognizes exceptional home health aides as we appreciate their hard work and dedication to our clients.

Here are just a few words our staff had to say when nominating these very special home health aides for the True Star Award:

Angela rarely says no to cases. She is very dependable and goes to great lengths whenever she is needed. She is our go to girl for long hour shifts and she always leaves the patient's satisfied with her services. She is a great representation of True Care's quality of service. She has shown outstanding work ethic. I do not think there is a better aide deserving of this award. She is the epitome of what a caregiver should be.

Whenever I have a difficult case and I send Mirielle and she always stabilizes the case for me. All our clients have nothing but respect for her.

Lidiia goes above and beyond for all her clients. She never calls out and always clocks-in/out on time. She travels to any part of NY for any hours. All the clients she has worked for have only outstanding references.

Norris has worked 7 days straight since December and has not called out. She is reliable and always on time. There are never any complaints from the client in regards to her services and the clients never want a replacement. True Care is lucky to have her!

Carmeline is a very hard worker and her dedication to her craft with the care of our clients, is noticeable. She has shown great effort and growth throughout her time at Brookdale and is always open to new ideas.

Randy has always called me when there has been any concerns with his client. He informed us of physical abuse, domestic violence against the client by a family member, leading to authorities getting involved to keep the patient safe.

Mehichata always goes to work on time she works with four True Care clients and three different coordinators. If we have an open afternoon case she always goes for me. But above all she truly cares about each client she sees. She has been so involved with her clients but so professional at the same time and she is open and honest. I truly love working with her!

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