COVID-19 Update 8/6/2020

August 06, 2020

True Care is an essential business, and we have remained fully operational since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have worked diligently to stay up to date and compliant with all COVID-19 regulations and requirements as they become available from our governing body, the Department of Health. At this time, True Care is meeting and exceeding all State and Federal COVID-19 regulations. 

As we continue to send caregivers into homes, we want to share our COVID-19 protocols, to inform you of our safety precautions.

Caregiver screening: All caregivers receive communication notifications to self-monitor, temperature check, and confirm they have no symptoms before going to a client’s home.

Training and ongoing education: Our home health aides and nurses are receiving frequent updates regarding COVID-19 precautions, and trained on COVID-19 infection control. 

Personal protective equipment: We continue to distribute necessary PPE to all of our caregivers, including gloves, masks, face shields, gowns, and hand sanitizer. 

COVID-19 positiveIf a client is confirmed or suspected COVID-19 positive, True Care is ready to continue to provide care without interruption. Our trained team of home health aides and nurses are knowledgeable of the proper use of personal protective equipment and symptom management. 

If a caregiver (home health aide, RN, or LPN) tests positive, the True Care clinical team will track and monitor the case to ensure the client and caregiver's safety. The caregiver must notify True Care if they are confirmed or suspected positive for COVID-19 and are not allowed to return to work until the required self-quarantine time has passed. They also must be symptom-free without the use of fever-reducing medications for at least 72 hours. The True Care clinical team closely monitors this process to track the caregiver’s symptoms, and the caregiver can return to work when they recover and are no longer contagious. 

Clinical hotline: Our coronavirus hotline is available for our client’s and home health aides to answer any clinical questions or concerns. A nurse will respond to all calls within 24 hours. As a reminder, our COVID19 hotline number is 929-474-9322 or email

COVID-19 Taskforce: We have established a COVID-19 taskforce to respond to the unique needs of our clients and their families. Our taskforce offers full oversight and management of all suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases and provides contact tracing when necessary. 

True Care offices: All True Care offices continue to remain open. We have continued in-person caregiver training, keeping in mind social distance precautions in the training rooms and the office, PPE distributions, and general functions.

Ongoing communication: We encourage clients and their families to sign up online for regularly emailed COVID-19 updates and constant communication from True Care throughout the pandemic. Sign up on our website,

We are proud and honored by the high level of care True Care has been fortunate to provide clients. We strive to give our clients, and their families peace of mind in the care they have entrusted True Care with, no matter how high or low New York COVID-19 numbers stand.

Posted by Laura Silverstein, MSN, RN, WCC in Coronavirus Updates

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