COVID-19 Update: 3/20/2020

March 18, 2020

We are facing an unprecedented situation. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting all of us. During this difficult time, True Care continues to be committed to delivering high-level care for our clients, and offer support and guidance for our staff members. 

True Care’s mission is to provide quality home health care services by upholding the highest care standards and empowering innovation to make a positive impact. We stand by this mission every day, and even more so, during this challenging time. 

We are following the daily updates and changes to all regulations and protocols at the city, state and federal levels. 

▸ We are screening all of our staff members daily for symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). 

▸ We are telling them to stay home if they are sick, or have any symptoms of any illness.

▸ All staff members are advised to report to True Care immediately if their clients are experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) or any other changes in their condition. 

▸ We are working around the clock to ensure that every client and staff member has the personal protective equipment that is recommended during this pandemic.

▸ You can now call our True Care Coronavirus Hotline at 929-474-9322 for all your COVID-19 questions or concerns for staff, clients, and their families.

True Care remains open and fully functional. Our day-to-day operations are continuing unchanged. Our office staff is working remotely or in other appropriately distanced office settings as guided by the city and state regulations. As for the Executive Order regarding essential versus nonessential businesses, health care remains an essential business and will continue to provide services. All staff and clients will be updated if there are changes. Please continue to contact the office for any questions or issues that may arise. We have added staff to our busiest departments in order to maintain our operations. Our coronavirus hotline can be used to receive a call back from a registered nurse regarding any coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns or questions. 

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